Monday, May 5, 2008

May Jane's Geopolitical Roundup

By Rick Morris

Jane's Information Group has some of the best intelligence in the world at its fingertips. On matters ranging from military to security to weaponry and beyond, the staff at Jane's provides top-notch information to its subscribers and probably runs rings around our frequently inept CIA much of the time.The site includes free excerpts of its material in many different categories. From time to time here at The FDH Lounge Blog, we will link directly to their outstanding material on many subjects and allow those of you who are very much concerned with geopolitics and the world around us to keep up on important matters.

In addition to the material below, we refer you to the January, February, March, and April installments of this series.


China’s NORINCO develops new 40 mm automatic grenade launcher

Former DoD official pours cold water on Taiwan’s submarine deal with US

Contenders submit bids for Indian Multirole Combat Aircraft requirement

German report calls for improved armed forces structure

Global Hawk scoops Broad Area Maritime Surveillance prize

US DoD rebuts criticism of program cost estimation

Life after Bush – the US defense budget

Saab heralds next-generation Gripen improvements

Broadening the horizon: battlefield broadband

Shooting match – navies face gun-caliber multiple choice

Public Safety

Plan to ban sex offenders from online networking sites

Executive Overview: Jane’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal


Zawahiri answers back

China-US hotline could stay cool

Rising crime in Costa Rica

US claims North Korea helped Syria build alleged reactor

Secret Sanya – China’s new nuclear naval base revealed

Anti-aircraft weapon seized from Brazilian drug gang

China may recall arms shipment to Zimbabwe

Georgia accuses Russia of shooting down drone

Ukraine – industrial and common espionage

Kenya appoints prime minister and cabinet

Who will head Russia’s new version of the FBI?

Russian parliament to decide if Putin is to become prime minister

Pakistan – new leader, new politics?

FARC exposed

Zimbabwe’s ruling party loses its hold on parliament

Law Enforcement

Forensic science review calls for better standards and training

Ecuador purges armed forces and police

Police force keeps tabs on officers


BAA breakup on the horizon

TSA head announces high-tech screening program

US carriers seek cash options

Shipping stays on course

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