Monday, May 5, 2008

Video Clips: Fun Timewasters

By Rick Morris

From time to time, we try to accommodate our Lounge content consumers who just want some fun, light entertainment. Hence this edition of our Video Clips series, entitled "Fun Timewasters."

These are simply some video clips that you can enjoy and consume in the form of good, mindless entertainment. On with the show!

Here's an oldie but a goodie. Did you know that Screamin' A. Smith loves him some cheese doodles?

In this year's NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns did not get a chance to make a selection until the fourth round due to previous deals. Their pick in Round Four, UNLV ILB Beau Bell, sure plays like a beast, though. Dare I say "mad dog in a meat market?"

If you had any exposure to pro wrestling in the 1980s whatsoever, I only need three words to set up this next clip: "Piper. Snuka. Coconut."

Here's something hugely inspirational: the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" USA Hockey team lights the torch at the 2002 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Salt Lake City.

OK, this might be in somewhat questionable taste, but hey, it's Vince Vaughn! Who doesn't love a little Vince Vaughn comedy? It's UnAmerican not to chuckle appreciatively!

Is the nickname "Human Highlight Reel" already taken? Well, I think Henrik Zetterberg just claimed it for himself. Nice to see the Avs cough up another one.

On one of those political TV talk-fests, Pat Buchanan tells an annoying woman to shut up:

Larry King gets schooled by Jerry Seinfeld for his ignorance:

After watching this clip, I'm convinced that mean ol' Zell Miller would have absolutely pummeled everyone's favorite TV talking dough boy Chris Matthews:

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