Friday, May 16, 2008

Friend of FDH launches great invention

By Rick Morris

One of our good friends from, a gentleman who has become our horse racing analyst at The FDH Lounge, Bob Glassman, has put together something very special that we want to bring to your attention. His Home Team Communications company has created an impressive new invention called Commtrol.

This brand new product, which launches in late May, allows businesses to manage their voice and data communications needs in a manner that is completely unprecedented. Additionally, Bob's wonderful track record of advocacy for his business clients is a wonderful piece of the Commtrol package and allows product users access to the benefits of his dogged aggressiveness on their behalf.

I urge any of you with businesses that deal with data and voice communications issues to check out The Commtrol Blog, the online hub for information dealing with this great new invention and the upcoming late May release. Never have I been so proud to be a friend of Bob's and to be professionally associated with him. As this culmination of his life's work hits the market and changes the landscape of the business world, those of us at FDH can say we knew him when!

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