Sunday, May 25, 2008

FDH Lounge Show #29: May 25, 2008

By Rick Morris

It's a Memorial Day Weekend Super-Spectacular edition of THE FDH LOUNGE on when we return for our 29th installment tonight from 8-11 PM EDT.

In Hour One, after the traditional Opening Statements from the Dignitaries of The FDH Lounge, we touch on the state of domestic politics during America's first summer holiday weekend. We all knew the Clintons were ruthless beyond belief and that Hillary was cynically thinking she'd stay in the race because "somebody's going to try to cap a brotha," but who thought she'd actually say it out loud? What's the fallout going to be? Is Obama in any actual danger? Did she succeed in stirring up the traumas of the Kennedy years in the minds of voters in terms of the sadness the American people endured? We'll talk about all of that, and we'll cast an eye on the "Veepstakes" on both sides and the possible electoral ramifications of the California Supreme Court trying to install gay marriage nationwide. Ironically, in light of Hil-Rod evoking the RFK assassination, it's an interesting piece of trivia to note that she actually holds Robert Kennedy's seat in the Senate from New York.

Towards the end of Hour One, we take a look at Memorial Day in time of war. It's an odd time in America, with a very unpopular war that polls demonstrate that the American people don't want to completely lose that has been buried in the news over the last year relative to what it had been from 2003-2006. How are Americans feeling about military affairs right now? Also, we'll play you the audio from this great Jack Buck video with a salute to America that he coined right after 9/11.

In Hour Two, we look at what is arguably the greatest racing day on the calendar: the F1 Monte Carlo race, the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600. Now that American open wheel racing finally has its act together, how soon can they run down NASCAR? And can Formula One, the richest sport in the world, ever register significantly in the US?

Then, we take a look at "life off the grid." An eyewitness view of life with only bare access to the outside world for one week -- what's that like?

In Hour Three, we welcome back our Chief Entertainment Dignitary Samantha Jones to help us wade through the summer movie scene and summer concert tour circuit. We promise, in deference to the tastes of our audience, our show is a "Sex and the City"-free zone!

Our final segment revolves around the Chicago Bulls' unlikely victory in the 2008 NBA Draft lottery. A decade after Jordan, the franchise hits the reset button again after the Curry/Chandler/Jay Williams era failed a few years ago. Will Rose or Beasley be the pick -- and what are the ramifications for the teams picking next? We'll break it down for you in the manner to which you have become accustomed.

The world's most broad-based talk show returns to the cyber-airwaves tonight and we invite you to watch or listen. The fun comes your way only on!

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