Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FDH Lounge Show #102: May 12, 2010

By Rick Morris

As the crew of FDH Lounge Dignitaries -- made up in large part of Cleveland Cavaliers fans -- tries to pick themselves up and dust themselves off after the Game 5 nightmare, Episode #102 of THE FDH LOUNGE (Wednesdays, 7-10 PM EDT on SportsTalkNetwork.com) should brighten up everyone's lives as per usual.

After The Opening Statements of The FDH Lounge Dignitaries and our look at This Week in The FDH Lounge, we revisit a segment that we wanted to hit during our 100th Episode Spectacular two weeks ago but could not because of time constraints: FDH Lounge Dignitaries Jason Jones and Ryan Isley dueling it out on the pressing question of whether John Wall is overrated during Episode #83 last December 9. From there, one of our favorite Dignitaries, New York blogger/lawyer/occasional sports talk show host Steve Kallas, joins us for one of his periodic looks at the intersection of sports, ethics and the law. His amazingly insightful column about the legal road ahead for Lawrence Taylor will certainly be among the topics.

Hour Two will be underway once we are joined by FDH Senior Editor Jason Jones, who has compiled a big report about this summer's biggest movies in conjunction with FDH Entertainment Editor Samantha Jones. Want to know where you should spend your summer movie caysh? The Joneses will tell you. An obligatory (but painful, for many of the Dignitaries) overview of the NBA playoffs comes before THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER at the top of Hour Three and an early look at the top three rounds of the FDH Fantasy Football Draft Board for 2010. Then, we close with THE GOON SQUAD and an in-depth examination of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

As always, we urge you to watch the show live (or listen if you’re on dial-up), but if you can’t catch this as it’s happening, you can always catch the FDH archives 24-7 right here or catch us now on iTunes!

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