Saturday, May 1, 2010

NBA Playoff predictions -- Round Two

By Rick Morris

Round One picks are 5-2 thus far, with my pick of Atlanta over Milwaukee still hanging in the balance. By the way, the NBA's policy of starting the next round before the previous one has been completed is asinine.

1 LA Lakers over Utah in 5 -- The Lakers are still vulnerable, as the first round showed, but they drew as favorable a style matchup as they could ever want.
7 San Antonio over 3 Phoenix in 6 -- While the Suns are configured far better for the playoffs than they used to be, they still have to prove they can get past the Spurs.
1 Cleveland over 4 Boston in 5 -- Conventional wisdom is that the Celtics have enough left in the tank to stretch The King and His Court, but I just don't see The Over The Hill Gang matching up with the matchless depth of the Cavs.
2 Orlando over 4 Atlanta in 6 or over 5 Milwaukee in 6 -- While the Magic are sure to get by either team, they could be pushed by the athleticism of the Hawks or the amazing toughness of Scott Skiles' Bucks.

1 LA Lakers over 7 San Antonio in 6
1 Cleveland over 2 Orlando in 6

Cleveland over LA Lakers in 6

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