Monday, May 23, 2011

The FDH Lounge Vault two-hour debut is today

By Rick Morris

NOTE: This piece ran initially late last month, before the debut was moved to today.

As managing partner of FDH, I’m supposed to shill everything we’re doing, but sometimes the pride is particularly intense when I’m making an announcement of great magnitude. This is one such time.

Last year, we debuted THE FDH LOUNGE VAULT as a one-hour best-of edition with material culled from our catalog of less than four years. Shortly thereafter, the programming schedule moved into a state of flux as several new programs hit the airwaves and a decision was made to unveil the VAULT once again in grander form. That time has arrived.

Now, with a catalog of more than four years to draw from, THE FDH LOUNGE VAULT debuts today as a two-hour program, airing from 2-4 PM EDT. These segments, which are truly representative of our status as the show where “nothing is off-topic,” are comprised of our very best interviews and roundtables that also are a part of our FDH Lounge Ultimate Anthology project – available on the STN website here and on iTunes here.

A two-hour daily best-of, repackaged as shows along certain themes, with material comprising no more than 20% of our catalog and providing almost a three-month loop between repeat episodes – yeah, that feels like a pretty nice accomplishment. Thanks to The FDH Lounge Dignitaries for providing the work and creativity to make it happen. Stay tuned to our program Tuesday nights from 7-9 PM EDT to view our first-run shows and sample future VAULT material in real time.

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