Friday, May 20, 2011

RIP Harmon Killebrew

By Rick Morris

The baseball world is poorer for the passing of one of its greatest sluggers and true gentlemen, Harmon Killebrew, felled by cancer this week at age 74.

A 13-time All-Star and 1969 AL MVP, Killebrew was one of the signature players of the 1960s and he helped to put baseball on the map in Minnesota, leading the team to the 1965 AL pennant – the high-water mark for the franchise for 22 years. He was a brawny power hitter in a more innocent time, when we didn’t have to question what bottle generated a player’s muscles. All throughout his public life, he set an excellent example for the public and was accessible and friendly constantly. It’s only due to the idiocy of many sportswriters that he had to wait four years after the start of his initial eligibility to officially be granted the Hall of Fame honors he so obviously earned.

The FDH Lounge takes its hat off to this legend and we send our thoughts and prayers to his family. We honor him by embedding this pretty sweet mini-documentary.

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