Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alonso is the Belichick of Formula One

By Rick Morris

It's a bit under the radar in the States, but the sports world's biggest cheating scandal this week was not centering around the Greater Boston area. Fernando Alonso, the two-time defending F1 champion, was deeply involved in a shocking scandal that involved his McLaren team receiving confidential strategic information about the archrival Ferrari operation.

Alonso is the youngest two-time F1 champ in history and is chasing his amazing young teammate Lewis Hamilton for a third consecutive title. McLaren was fined $100 million for their involvement in the scandal and they were disqualified from the constructors' championship, which would have been theirs for the taking. This is a huge deal in a sport with rabid fans all over the globe.

It's disappointing that this matter has received such scant coverage in the U.S., since Formula One is the league with the most amount of money invested in it worldwide. With the chauvinism of the American sports public, and the fact that ESPN drives so much of the agenda about what matters (and they give short shrift to any organization that does not have a TV deal with it), it's sadly not surprising, though.

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