Friday, September 7, 2007

Full list of August posts here

By Rick Morris

We have promised you that The FDH Lounge blog would be as diverse in terms of subject matter as the show itself -- and we have delivered. Blogger archives our posts by month on the right side of the page and you can see a full listing of what we have delivered in September. In this post, I will detail what you will see if you click on the month of August, our first month on the blog. These are descriptions of the subject matter of posts as you will see them from the very top to the very bottom of the page for the August archive page:

* The Brewers/Cubs race in the NL Central
* The Blog World Expo in Las Vegas in November, the world's first big blog/new media convention
* Kelly Holcomb landing with the Vikings, illustrating their desperation
* Mitt Romney immediately kicking big supporter Larry Craig when he was down
* Numerous posts liveblogging Summerslam
* The ongoing controversy surrounding the Big Ten Network and cable/satellite providers
* The Barack Obama/Tom Coburn odd couple
* UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture notches another legendary win
* Chronicling the progress in Iraq's Anbar province
* The KGB's comeback in Russia
* Gloating about Michael Vick
* The Orioles giving up 30 runs the same day they gave their manager a contract extension
* A new website dedicated to people wearing humorously outdated sports jerseys
* Names being named in the MLB steroid probe
* The annual list detailing everything this year's college freshmen have never known
* Some deep-thinking novelist who is voting Democrat BECAUSE she is pro-life!
* Senator Leahy in a Batman movie -- as a villain, no doubt
* More gloating about Michael Vick
* A link to a sweet Flava Flav video game
* Praise for the UFC -- one of the most dramatic success stories in sports today
* John Warner -- don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!
* The GOP YouTube presidential debate will indeed happen
* People who live under Las Vegas in the storm drains
* A (now outdated) piece cheering on the success of Rick Ankiel
* Believe it or not, more improvement likely for LT with the Chargers this year
* Celebrity deaths in threes
* Sharply worded thoughts on the departure of Karl Rove

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