Tuesday, September 18, 2007

McNabb loves to play the victim

By Rick Morris

"Wah, they hate me because I'm black."

Open letter to Donovan McNabb:

Grow up, Donovan.

You specifically reference Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer not getting as much heat as you. Evidently, you don't know this, but as good as you are, they're better than you.

You didn't reference the fact that Rex Grossman plays in an equally tough QB market, but gets far more heat than you. That's because he sucks.

Are you starting to understand how this works? Quarterbacks better than you have it easier. Quarterbacks worse than you have it tougher. Pretty elementary when you think about it, right?

Now, if you want to make a point about how organizations put too much stock in the athleticism of their black quarterbacks and take it for granted that they don't have to surround them with as many weapons, you'd have an excellent point. Prior to Terrell Owens (and arguably since Donte Stallworth), you haven't have a legit #1 WR. Michael Vick never had one. Daunte Culpepper had nothing but a pile of guano to work with after Randy Moss left. It is true that organizations have, from time to time, put too much faith in the physical abilities of you and other black QBs and neglected to get you as many stud receivers. But even that isn't really a racial issue as much as teams being seduced by the "limitless potential" of mobile quarterbacks who just happen to be black most of the time.

You milked your martyrdom very effectively a few years ago when Rush Limbaugh stepped in a pile of doo-doo with his comments about black quarterbacks. A quick statement of understanding from you could have nipped that controversy in the bud, but you decided that you liked to play the prostrate victim. Enough so that you have decided to play this card again to distract from a slow start on the field.

Notwithstanding your occasional whining about how the world is out to get you, you seem to be an affable guy. You're good in the community and you legitimately seem to care about other people. So stop playing the jerk on racial issues and exacerbating existing black-white tensions in the sports world.

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