Saturday, September 15, 2007

Only Llllloyd left the Big House laughing

By Rick Morris

Check out this outstanding Top Ten list about the Michigan-Notre Dame game. The poster depicting two happy coaches would only be half-right, as Charlie Weis reached his lowest point thus far in his South Bend tenure.

In particular, I like the reference in that list to Jimmy Clausen as "third person Jimmy" from Seinfeld: "Jimmy doesn't like getting hit from the blind side. Don't. Touch. Jimmy!"

The list also made me laugh merely by reminding me that Ron Powlus is the QB coach at Notre Dame. Those who can't, teach, huh? That put me in mind of my mirth when I found out Rob Deer is now a minor league hitting instructor.

On a more serious note ...

notwithstanding the coaching controversies of the last decade at Notre Dame, the administration is going to have its biggest conundrum of that entire time if the Irish struggle through the upcoming games as it looks like they might and limp into the Navy game in November winless. The immense contract extension Weis received in Year One makes a buyout seem unlikely, and he still appears somewhat likely to get the ship turned around eventually, but will he get the time? Expecting to be viewed in a rational light when the team is degenerating to depths unseen may be asking a bit much. The reaction from the very powerful ND fanbase will be one of the biggest stories of the college football season.

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