Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Check out the most recent FDH Lounge show

By Rick Morris

The archive for the October 27 show is not up yet, but we urge you to catch it when it gets posted this week. As we mentioned when the rundown was posted, it was the final in-studio program with our friends and partners Jason and Samantha Jones prior to their relocation and subsequent establishment of the FDH branch office in Colorado Springs.

Towards the end of Hour Two and into Hour Three, we had a segment that was truly unique: comparing prominent rock and roll figures to presidential candidates, the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time and the greatest NFL quarterbacks of today. If you never thought you'd hear these names in the same sentence, think again: Ozzy Osbourne and Otto Graham, Hillary Clinton and (post-Federline) Britney Spears, Amy Lee and Brett Favre! The warped minds of our friends the Jones newlyweds never cease to amaze and astound!

On a personal note, as the head of our little FDH family, I want to mention that we will greatly miss having Jason and Samm around personally even as we remain grateful for our continued association with them. Professionally, we won't miss a beat, they'll still be there thanks to the wonders of various forms of technology that will keep us tightly bound, but we'll be sad not to get to spend time with them personally. Sports viewing parties at my place just got duller (no offense to my other friends!). Best of luck to them in their new location.

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