Saturday, October 27, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #19: October 27, 2007

By Rick Morris

THE FDH LOUNGE comes your way on a different day, albeit the same time as usual, on Tonight, Saturday, October 27, we air 24 hours earlier than usual from 8-11 PM EDT.

We are being preempted by special programming on Sunday, but rather than skip this turn in our every-other-week rotation, we are airing a special version of the show to recognize a milestone of ours: the final in-studio program for Jason and Samantha Jones. They are relocating to Colorado next week and will be participating long-distance as some of the other FDH Lounge Dignitaries do. But before that happens, we'll have one last version of the show with them on-site.

In Hour One, after the Opening Statements of the Dignitaries, we speak once again with our good friend Rick Calvert from Blog World Expo, the new media convention that harnesses so many world-changing forces for the first time. With the expo less than two weeks away in Las Vegas, what developments are expected to come out of this gathering? We'll find out.

In Hour Two, we catch up with Samantha, our Chief Entertainment Dignitary, for the latest in music and movies. Additionally, our newlyweds will have some travel tips for you fun-seeking vacation types out there.

In Hour Three, the FDH Lounge Pigskin Report reviews a poll-shaking weekend of college football and previews NFL Week 8. Additionally, we'll bring you our comments throughout the show on the game between #1 Ohio State and Penn State and on World Series Game Three (go Rockies!).

Join us tonight on as we close the door on one era of the Lounge and prepare for our 20th broadcast and all that lies ahead!

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