Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This guy should choke on his chowdah!

By Rick Morris

An idiot on a Boston radio show, deciding to play "Wacky Morning DJ Hack," has gravy-trained for himself some publicity regarding the bug infestation that descended on Jacobs Field during Game Two of the American League Division Series. Said ignoramus shall not be named or linked to here because that just encourages fellow no-talents to exploit circumstances in a willfully disingenuous manner. For the record, what happened during that game did not constitute any form of cheating or unfair advantage and Fausto Carmona had the guts to pitch through it unaffected unlike young Joba.

But I will give credit to my good friends Don Peterson and Tony Mazur from The Don and Tony Show, the flagship daytime program on, for schooling this chump thoroughly. His hometown newspaper, the Boston Herald, even found their beatdown notable enough to cover. For the record, the Herald was wrong on one count -- Don and Tony dispatched of this pretender without resorting to any vulgarity. But otherwise, the article sums up their fine work quite well.

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