Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Assistance for the perverts at MSNBC

By Rick Morris

[DISCLAIMER: Sometimes you have to sink to the level of scum merchants to get your point across. This is one such time!]

So all the pre-verts on MSNBC like the fey David Shuster and Ray Maddow want to belittle the taxpayers' rights movement and associated Tax Day Tea Parties by liberally using the word "teabagging?" It's clear that they get an increased blood flow to their naughty parts by putting words like that out there in the hope that, somewhere, they can get a small child to run to an adult and ask, "Mommy, what's teabagging?" It's clear that Phil Griffin, eunuch that he is, will not at this late try to enforce any standard of broadcast decency on the troglodytes he allegedly manages. And hey, with a Democrat in the White House, it's clear that nobody on that low-rated network is going to be whistling "The F-C-C won't let me beeeee" anytime soon.

With all of that said, let me prove the moral superiority once and for all of right-thinking Americans like myself. If these dbags want to sit there and giggle at upstanding Middle American taxpayers who are sick of being abused by the government, that's their right. I, in turn, will not only turn the other cheek, but will provide them with material in their new quest to gain viewers by dumping any semblance of broadcast standards. It's the least I can do!

As such, here's some material I fully expect to be emanating from the pieholes of MSNBC shock talkers in the days and weeks to come. No royalty payments necessary, you pinko swine, I'm doing it out of the kindness of my heart!

^ "A California Congresswoman named Loretta is painting a 'Dirty Sanchez' for Republican supporters of border control."

^ "President Obama appears to be threatening North Korea with a 'Roman War Helmet' if the communist country continues to pursue a nuclear program."

^ "It seems as though the midterm elections will provide the third consecutive opportunity for a 'donkey punch' right to the party of the elephants."

^ "President Obama's alternative energy plan includes copious amounts of support for hydroelectric energy from Lake Erie. GOP opponents of the plan should brace for a 'Cleveland steamer.'"

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