Thursday, April 2, 2009

Broncos bend over Bears

By Rick Morris

So much for Pat Bowlen blowing all the leverage in the Jay Cutler situation by going public, huh?

The Bears coughed up two #1s, a #3 and Kyle Orton in return for Cutler -- oh, and a #5. Throwing in that late-rounder, really, Denver, you shouldn't have!

One question: who's Cutler going to throw to in Chi-Town? OK, two questions: how's he going to react when things go awry throwing to the CFL cast of characters in the wideout corps. OK, three questions: how's he going to react when the 40 MPH winds start playing havoc with his deep ball in December?

Even if Orton is not a great stylistic fit for the Denver wide receivers, who can really fly deep, he proved last year that he can win games with a much worse offensive unit. For a Denver team that has already started to do a nice job at patching their holes this offseason, the additional picks could set them up nicely for the future. Certainly, that should be the expectation among Bronco fans after a deal such as this.

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