Sunday, April 5, 2009

WrestleMania 25 liveblogging Part IV

By Rick Morris

A few notes about the announcing before we proceed. The WWE's answer to having Tazz leave the company in the last week was to go to a three-man booth for the whole show with Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and "Vintage" Michael Cole. Also, for whatever reason, the super-bland Justin Roberts has served as ring announcer for all matches so far tonight.

The Hardy vs. Hardy garbage match is up next. Jeff, wearing some of his "war paint," was on offense early, including smashing a Mania sign over his head. One of the coolest spots after that was was Matt smashing Jeff in the legs with a chair as Jeff was diving towards him.

All in all, it's been a no long-term selling garbage spotfest that CZW would be proud of, sans blood of course. Jeff abused Matt with a garbage can for a bit, of course only leading to a nearfall. Jeff missed a swanton, but was back on his feet right away -- only to get hit by a Twist of Fate, leading to -- yes, another near fall.

Matt then took an unprotected chair shot flush on the dome, but ended up rolling outside the ring. The spot of the night then ensued as Jeff placed his brother inside a "double-decker table sandwich" outside the ring and then hit dive onto the structure. Once he rolled him back into the ring -- yes, another two-count.

Jeff then set up a small ladder and a super-tall ladder, climbed to the top of the smaller ladder, leapfrogged over the bigger one -- and missed a legdrop down below. Matt then put his brother's head in a chair and hit the Twist of Fate for the three-count. Very cool-looking spot, but I have no idea how you take that move safely. The match was pretty good, but certainly no better than you would have thought it would be.

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