Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blago is a symptom, not outlier, in Illinois

By Rick Morris

Here's a note of proof about how American politics has been turned on its head in the past few years: President Obama was elected on a mantra of "change" last year, and yet, true change can only come to his home state next year if the corrupt machine that spawned his career is stopped at the ballot box. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

In the least surprising news since Drew Rosenhaus client Donte Stallworth issued a weasel-word quasi-apology after squashing a dude with his automobile, former Illinois guv Blago was indicted today for his sins against the voters who put him in office twice without a doubt in their precious minds.

Doubtless, the Democrats in that state will seek to portray the work of THEIR OWN FORMER STANDARD-BEARER!!! as an isolated case of a single madman gone wrong. However, to examine that state in detail is to realize just how institutionalized graft and corruption are, starting with the legendary Cook County political machine that controls the overwhelming majority of significant levers in Illinois. Remember, this empty suit was widely regarded as a lightweight before becoming governor, yet he sailed through in '02 and '06 because no big decision-makers considered that a relevant factor.

One man is trying to keep the focus on the big picture in the Land of Lincoln. Adam Andrzejewski, a longtime good-government activist in that state, has become one of the leading GOP candidates for governor in '10 -- if not THE leading candidate. In a statement released to The FDH Lounge, Adam connects the dots in a comprehensive manner and makes a strong case for flushing out the waste products from every corner of state government next year.

Adam Andrzejewski Statement on pending Blagojevich indictment:

April 2nd, 2009—Elmhurst, Illinois. The Chicago Tribune reported that the Office of District Attorney of the Northern District will announce "developments in a ‘significant criminal matter.’” Those “developments” were clarified right around 5:00 PM today.

"The most significant thing about today's announcement," said Andrzejewski, "is that it doesn't fix any of the problems that continue to plague Illinois. The processes and institutions that gave us Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan are still in place, and the people of Illinois deserve something better than more poor leadership from the same cast of characters."

Adam Andrzejewski believes that the first step in overcoming Illinois’ decades of corruption begins with 100% transparency of all state spending. Andrzejewski stated that one of the themes for his campaign. “Every Dime. On line. In Real Time,” is a necessary ingredient for fixing Illinois. Many of the crimes alleged in the indictment handed down today would have been impossible if citizens could have gone on-line and seen the money, as well as the contracting and bidding processes for state business.

Transparency will shed light on the corruption that has plagued the state of Illinois. It will also allow citizens who have been stripped of power to become part of the political process by giving them the tools to hold their elected leaders accountable.

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