Saturday, April 9, 2011

The FDH Top 50 pro wrestlers of all time

By Rick Morris

A few months ago, the WWE released their list of the Top 50 wrestlers of all time. The list was fairly absurd, with no clear rationale for how the wrestlers were slotted. FDH has prepared a list of its own with very clear criteria: success at drawing money, since that is the most substantive measurement in an industry with worked outcomes. Success in main events took precedence over those who were special attractions, with the exception of the biggest special attractions of all time. We limited the list to success in the United States and Canada to simplify the process of comparison. Like the WWE list, this one is sure to engender debate. Enjoy!


1 Hulk Hogan

2 Steve Austin

3 Ric Flair

4 Lou Thesz

5 Bruno Sammartino

6 The Rock

7 Dusty Rhodes

8 Verne Gagne


9 Andre the Giant

10 Roddy Piper

11 The Undertaker

12 Gorgeous George

13 Randy Savage

14 Antonino Rocca

15 Jim Londos

16 Harley Race

17 Triple H

18 Nick Bockwinkel

19 Shawn Michaels

20 John Cena

21 Buddy Rogers

22 Bret Hart

23 Jerry Lawler


24 Fred Blassie

25 Sting

26 Goldberg

27 Bob Backlund

28 Kurt Angle

29 Dory Funk, Jr.

30 Ed Lewis

31 Mick Foley

32 Ted Dibiase

33 Terry Funk

34 Frank Gotch

35 Billy Graham

36 Danny Hodge

37 Jack Brisco


38 Bobo Brazil

39 Ray Stevens

40 Gene Kiniski

41 Gorilla Monsoon

42 Abdullah the Butcher

43 Johnny Valentine

44 Pedro Morales

45 Sgt. Slaughter

46 Junkyard Dog

47 Kevin Nash

48 Rick Steamboat

49 Edge

TIE 50 Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Jr. George Steele, Pat O’Connor, Randy Orton and Batista

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