Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pro wrestling archetypes for MMA

By Rick Morris

FDH Lounge Dignitary Jake Digman is our chief MMA correspondent and, as a lifelong pro wrestling fan, he is fascinated by the nexus of pro wrestling and MMA. The earliest origins of pro wrestling, well over a century ago before the sport transitioned to worked outcomes, were similar to the straightforward presentation of today’s mixed martial arts. As such, FDH has a list of 20 pro wrestling archetypes and the wrestlers who best embodied them. It’s certainly interesting to ponder which of these could work successfully in the legitimate sport of MMA.

Anti-hero: Steve Austin

Coolest man on the planet: The Rock

White bread babyface: Bob Backlund

Underdog babyface: Mikey Whipwreck

Hero for the kids: John Cena

“Good of the company/sport” face: Tommy Dreamer

Beloved elder statesman: Terry Funk

Cool heel: Scott Hall and Kevin Nash

Infantile face: Shawn Michaels & HHH

Pretty boy face: Kerry Von Erich

Narcissistic heel: Rick Rude

Anti-American villain: Nikolai Volkoff

Effeminate heel: Adrian Street

Weird, scary foreign dude: Abdullah the Butcher

Foreign savage: Kamala

Lone wolf badass: Samoa Joe

Supernatural dabbler: The Undertaker

Blue-collar hero: Dusty Rhodes

Saloon brawler: Bruiser Brody

Troubled tweener: Mankind

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