Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sportsology: 2011 MLB preview

By Rick Morris

Courtesy of our syndication arrangement under the banner of The 21st Century Media Alliance, here’s our good pal Russ Cohen of Sportsology with some great thoughts at the outset of the 2011 baseball season.

2011 Baseball Preview

By Russ Cohen

This year our preview comes courtesy of my baseball radio show called “The Game” with Nikco Riesgo and Lisa Marie Latino. All the predictions are right here.

Some Opening Day thoughts:

Why can’t opening day be on Monday like it was for over 100 years? It’s terrible that tradition is now gone and the fact that the Reds played the first-ever game – and they always had the first start time – that’s dead now, too.

I find it interesting how there has been no talk about the Barry Bonds trial during the ESPN telecast of the Yankees-Tigers. Is that by design? My guess is yes!

The Yankees still look like a legit contender and I think the fact that some think that they have major issues has distracted from the fact that their everyday lineup is still very solid.

Will the Mets win more than 70 games? I don’t think so and I think they are a few injuries away from possibly being a 100-loss team especially if they trade some of their top players at the deadline.

I think Opening Day in baseball is still the greatest tradition in American sports. Everybody’s team has an unblemished record to start the day and spring is just around the corner.

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