Friday, August 14, 2009

2 years of The Multimedia Magazine online!

By Rick Morris

On January 14, 2007, The FDH Lounge launched in the form of a "nothing is off-topic" Internet TV show on 69 episodes later, we are continuing that original form of The Lounge in a multitude of unique ways.

But two years ago today, on August 14, 2007, the stage was set for The FDH Lounge to really become the all-around force that it continues to evolve into. Originally titled "The FDH Lounge Blog," the online publication now known as The FDH Lounge Multimedia Magazine took the concepts of the show to another dimension equally suited for them.

As the managing partner of the parent company, FDH Enterprises, LLC, I am so very proud of the work done by all of us: my partners, our contributors and yes, even moi! Our relatively new association with fellow content syndicators under the banner of The 21st Century Media Alliance is also working out well for all parties involved as we collectively chart new horizons together.

If you are relatively new to our work across several platforms, let me list the ones other than this fine Multimedia Magazine you are presently perusing:

^ The FDH Lounge home page, with descriptions of all Multimedia Magazine topics, links to the monthly Multimedia Magazine archives, all Lounge show rundowns and links to past Lounge show audio archives.

^ The FDH Lounge on Twitter: bite-sized nuggets of our tasty Lounge goodness.

^ The FDH Lounge Ultimate Links Page: presently up to 1,612 links in every area of life, laid out in 51 simple categories. If you were stranded on a desert island, this is the only web page you would ever need!

^ The FDH Lounge on Facebook, where we are able to interact with our good friends -- more of whom are always appreciated!

^ The FDH Lounge MySpace page, one of the oldest representations of our brand.

^ The FDH Lounge message board, where all feedback is always welcomed.

^ The site that started it all for FDH Enterprises,, which has the spirit of the anything-goes FDH Lounge within the world of fantasy sports.

On a personal note, because of the capabilities and energy of everyone involved, this has been the greatest creative project of my life. I always envisioned bits and pieces of what would eventually become The FDH Lounge, but I never knew exactly how they would fit together -- and frankly, even after we launched it, I can't say that I had a 100% idea of where this was headed. But the evolution has been thrilling to witness and coordinate. We are putting together something special and timeless and we appreciate how much it means to those of you who follow us in all of our different forms. As we get bigger and bigger, you'll truly be able to say "You knew us when!"

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