Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rick Pitino is a reprehensible waste of protoplasm

By Rick Morris

“Everything that’s been printed, everything that’s been reported, everything that’s been breaking in the news on the day Ted Kennedy died is 100 percent a lie, a lie ... all of this has been a lie, a total fabrication of the truth.”

So now, after last week's fake sincerity and humility at a news conference, the greasy, sordid liar known as Rick Pitino ripped off his mask and bared his fangs to the world. Apparently pretending to be sorrowful for your sins is harder than winning a national championship at Louisville -- oh, wait, he hasn't done that, either.

I was half-expecting him to break out with: "You want credibility and humanity? Well, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Albert Schweitzer are not going to come walking through that door!!!"

Apparently he expects the media to take the word of somebody who continuously lied about putting his family first when he was willing to risk a little floor dust on his ween with a local skank. I'm shocked, shocked that nobody is taking his word as the literal truth on what really happened.

The offensiveness of his arrogant attitude aside, I'm not even condemning him so much for his two-timing behavior -- let he who is without sin, yada yada yada -- although sticking to the "sackcloth and ashes" routine for the sake of his betrayed family would have been entirely appropriate. No, my anger arises not even from the act itself but from his gutless response to the consequence of it.

Rick Pitino paid for, and directed through his actions, the violent dismembering of his own unborn son or daughter as a cowardly attempt to cover up his actions. This, this is what makes him so truly vile.

People of character and worth do not scapegoat the helpless and innocent for their own mistakes; they rise to the occasion and show the best of themselves as a means of cosmically rectifying the situation. This so-called devout Roman Catholic instead chose to let his own offspring become a three-point shot into a garbage can at an abortuary.

My new favorite college hoops team is whoever is going up against this pathetic doosher on any given night.

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