Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FDH Lounge Show #70: August 19, 2009 -- or not

By Rick Morris

EDIT: Technical issues beyond The FDH Lounge's control have arisen at the Network. We are very sorry and hope to be back with you as scheduled next Wednesday night.

Variety, variety and more variety is coming your way as per usual on THE FDH LOUNGE on SportsTalkNetwork.com (Wednesdays, 7-10 PM EDT).

After our look at This Week in The FDH Lounge and The Opening Statements of The FDH Lounge Dignitaries, we welcome back a charter member of The Dignitaries. Tim Foust is coming back on to break down the MLB pennant races, always a treat for us. Towards the bottom of Hour One, we bring in one of the greatest pro wrestling writers of all time, Mike Mooneyham. His three decades in the business, combined with his great love of the game, makes him a very special guest. He just attended the biggest NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest yet and we'll get his thoughts on that event, SummerSlam, Kurt Angle's idiocies and anything else that is relevant.

In Hour Two, our good pal Russ Cohen from Sportsology comes on to talk all things Michael Vick. He's not just any sports media personality, though: he's based out of the Philly area and he is also an animal-rights activist, so he has thoughts on this story from all angles. At the bottom of the hour, we start THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER a bit early with our fourth annual college football team draft. It's a really fun and unique way to have an extra competitive interest in this year's college football games.

THE INSIDER continues at the top of the hour when Outside The Boxscore ringleader Ben Chew joins us to break down last week's fantasy football mock draft and to help us again extol the virtues of FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFTOLOGY 2009. We then spend the second half of the last hour by welcoming back THE GOON SQUAD for a look at many big summer hockey stories: the hot stove, Patrick Kane, the confirmation of the first hockey game at Fenway Park and the apparent continuing shift in strength from the West to the East in the NHL.

It’s going to be a great program and we hope you can be a part of our audience. As always, we urge you to watch the show live (or listen if you’re on dial-up), but if you can’t catch this as it’s happening, you can always catch the FDH archives 24-7 right here or catch us now on iTunes!

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