Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RIP Robert Novak

By Rick Morris

One of the greats of journalism and politics passed from the scene today -- one of my favorites, actually. Robert Novak was truly original, a reporter and pundit who spanned many platforms -- newspapers, newsletters and television -- back before today's New Media age made such hop-scotching commonplace.

I always loved his work and was entertained greatly by his TV persona. I have a story that also indicates the common touch that he never lost. One of our FDH Lounge Dignitaries, Chris Galloway, used to be on a cable access political debate show called "Chew The Fat" back in our Ohio University days. Well, when the university brought Bob Novak to town as a speaker, the guys from the program cold-called him at his hotel to invite him as a guest on their program. He accepted! For one night, those lucky individuals got to feel like they were on "Crossfire." That's almost the equivalent of baseball fantasy camp where you get to play against Dodger Hall of Famers.

We have a link to Robert Novak's column archive on Human Events up on our FDH Lounge Ultimate Links page and we will keep it there since it is still in place. Speaking of Human Events, Novak's former deputy Tim Carney penned a great tribute piece to him there today as did the editors. We are also posting a video of Novak at his analytical best, breaking down the late '00s political scene as only he could:

Bob Novak was a giant, leaving behind a legacy the likes few of us will ever touch. RIP to a true legend.

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