Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama’s Ahmadinejad moment on health care

By Rick Morris

Perhaps we now see why President Obama reacted in such milquetoast fashion towards the Iranian crackdown on protesters back in June – because now we are seeing his own “Supreme Leader Power Grab” on the subject of health care in America.

The parallels are striking and are most troubling to those in this country who fear that the Democratic congressional supermajority and an administration raised on Saul Alinsky and Daley family politics are colluding for ultimate and permanent control over the American populace.

^ Former “journalist” Linda Douglass, who is now paid openly to propagate the same point of view she put forward on ABC News for all those years, is putting together an Orwellian, enemy-of-the-state database comprised by the results of citizens snitching on one another to Big Brother in the White House.

^ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears to be setting the stage for a Kristallnacht-type event staged to discredit citizens fervently opposed to the federal takeover of all health care based on her scurrilous lies about congressional town hall protesters carrying swastikas.

^ Shock troop thugs under the banner of the SEIU union are rapidly becoming the domestic equivalent of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, attacking citizens exercising their right to free speech. Talking-points enforcers who host MSNBC prime-time programs are stepping up the propaganda, denouncing as un-American the peaceful protesters who are making the allegedly unreasonable demand that our congressmen actually read this bill before remaking our country and economic system so completely.

This power grab has been years in the making. The leftist movement in this country softened the ground somewhat by denouncing allegedly totalitarian moves by President Bush. Yes, the same President Bush who couldn’t coordinate a federal response to Hurricane Katrina, couldn’t safeguard our southern border, couldn’t stop Congress from spending like drunken sailors and couldn’t fashion a surge in Iraq until four years of a bloody stalemate was allegedly going to pull together a dictatorship-without-end. However, as laughable as the allegations were, they did lull the American people to sleep though the dangers of transforming America into a “collectivist paradise.” Witness the fact that Obama is the first president to be elected since LBJ as a fairly open leftist and the only one aside from LBJ in U.S. history.

While legitimate market-based reforms that would expand access to health care and deliver greater consumer protection are actually of great importance, the collectivist drivel in the proposed Democratic bill accomplishes just the opposite and will destroy our peerless medical innovation and quality of care. Those who do not understand the present stakes need to inform themselves about the provisions in this threat to our way of life before it is too late. Future generations will not forgive those who stood by and let this happen.

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