Saturday, December 1, 2007

FDH Lounge Show #21: December 2, 2007

By Rick Morris

The 21st edition of THE FDH LOUNGE on (8-11 PM EST Sunday) will bring you more of the widest variety of talk anywhere in the known universe.

We will be joining you at approximately 8:20 PM EST as opposed to our usual start time as the special postgame coverage from the Cleveland Browns/Arizona Cardinals tilt will be finishing sometime shortly after the top of the hour. When we do start, it will be with our usual Opening Statements from The Dignitaries, before we move on to our latest look at the presidential race -- which will be officially underway with the balloting in one month. So much is happening: Hillary's lead is shrinking, Joe Biden threatens impeachment, Huck's surge continues, the Mitt-and-Rudy dog-and-pony show drags along, McCain gets endorsed by the #1 newspaper in New Hampshire -- and that's not even counting the infamous YouTube debate! We'll examine the big picture in the Democrat and Republican races and get you ready for our first FDH Presidential Fantasy Draft on the next program (December 16), when we assemble armies of politicians and vie for points in the 2008 elections!

In Hour Two, after the presidential talk gives way to other subjects, we examine the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the shocking death of NFL star Sean Taylor. From there, it's on to another installment of Celebrity Deaths in Threes (Taylor is not included -- too soon!) and then our FDH Lounge Chief Entertainment Dignitary Samantha Jones (boy is that name easier to type than her maiden name!) tells you about the entertainment-oriented gifts you should be asking for and buying for others this holiday season.

In Hour Three, baseball writer Eric Gold joins us to take a look at the postseason awards and the state of the Hot Stove and the rumors and transactions flying all around. We wrap up with our FDH Lounge Pigskin Report with a look back at NFL Week 13 and a look ahead to the college football postseason with all the bowl and title game pairings finalized earlier in the night.

There's so many interesting developments going on in the world and only one show that can bring you educated and above all entertaining takes on all of them: The Great American Radio Show on Internet TV, The FDH Lounge.

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