Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Own Madden Challenge

by Jason Jones

As a Fantasy Expert, I felt compelled to put the Madden Video Game to the Fantasy test. Understand one thing, by no means am standing on a mountain top screaming, “I am the greatest Madden player ever”. I know plenty of guys who want to make that claim. This is an exercise in a fantasy application. The results may challenge the cliché that the Madden Franchise is the most REALISTIC sports game ever made.

For the specifics, this experiment was carried out in the Madden 06 franchise mode. This option allows a player to draft an entire team. When I say draft, I don’t mean a two day 7 round affair. We are talking about a 49 round marathon. When the draft starts you have 0 players. Starting from scratch as if all 32 teams were expansion teams. All current players are eligible and no franchise tags and no contract restrictions. Once a team is fully drafted a player goes through training camp and a preseason schedule. Then on to the 16 game, 17 week season. That is where I am in the progression. I am currently ready to start the playoff portion of the season. So, after 16 games the following are the results of a fantasy approach to dominating a football man’s football game. As in regular fantasy sports the draft is critical. One must do their homework and prepare, have a plan or team philosophy in mind. The rest falls into place. Before the statistical results, here is the meaningful depth chart. Not all 53 players, just the one’s that would eventually get quality playing time.


Adrian McPherson

Seneca Wallace

Marcus Randall


Larry Johnson

Brian Westbrook

Willie Parker


Randy Moss

Chad Johnson

Santana Moss

Vincent Jackson


Tony Gonzalez

Benjamin Watson


Khalif Barnes

Mike Gandy


Steve Hutchinson


Kevin Mawae


Alan Faneca


Shane Olivea

Shawn Andrews


Kenechi Udeze

Vince Wilfork

Keith Washington


Ted Washington

Maake Kemoeatu

Brock Lesner


Shawne Merriman

David Pollack

James Harrison


Odell Thurman

Lofa Tatupu


Fred Smoot

Nick Harper

Allen Rossum

Leigh Bodden


John Lynch

Will Demps


Troy Polamalu

Dunta Robinson


Adam Vinatieri


Bill LaFleur


Santana Moss


Santana Moss

Quite possibly the greatest football team ever assembled. Which can happen for just about anyone if you apply a fantasy football approach to the draft. The draft is the most important part of the season. Just “ON PAPER” as they say, it should be easily discerned that a team of this quality at most if not all positions should be a playoff contender. How far they go is a matter of execution. Or so I thought. You’d be surprised to know how easy it is when you have the right players. Hail Mary’s intended for WR 1 that lands in the hands of WR 3, just as an example. The following statistics will blow your mind. These numbers make the 2007 New England Patriots look about as prolific as a decent DIV 1 college team.

All of the following are through 16 games:


8,401 Yards

7,312 Yards of Total Offense

5,042 Passing Yards

2,324 Rushing Yards

90 Passing Touchdowns

55 Rushing Touchdowns

74.6 Points Per Game

+ 69.2 Point Margin of Victory

Most Points Allowed in a Single Game = 10

Most Points Scored in a Single Game = 127

Single Game Rushing Record = 335 yds

Single Game Receiving Record = 478 yds

Single Game Passing Record = 602 yds

Single Season Sack Total by One Player = 52

Team Interception Totals = 33

Combined Kick/Punt Returns for Touchdowns = 8

Combined Kick/Punt Return Yards = 974


Adrian McPherson-146.0 QB Rating---5,042 Passing Yards---90 Passing TD’s---

3 Interceptions---161 Completions on 233 Attempts---69% Completion %---

21.6 Yards per Completion---315 Passing Yards per Game

Larry Johnson-2,173 Rushing Yards---52 Rushing Touchdowns---191 Rushing Attempts

---11.3 Yards per Carry---135.2 Yards per Game---Longest Run = 84 yards

Randy Moss-2,610 Receiving Yards---46 Receiving Touchdowns---71 Receptions---163.1 Yards per Game---Longest Reception = 71 yards

Chad Johnson-1,074 Receiving Yards---20 Receiving Touchdowns---41 Receptions

---67.1 Yards per Game---Longest Reception = 62 yards

Santana Moss-1,016 Receiving Yards---17 Receiving Touchdowns---52 Receptions

---63.5 Yards per Game---Longest Reception 87 yards

Shawne Merriman-81 Tackles---9 Tackles for Loss---52 Sacks---3 Interceptions---

2 Fumble Recoveries---2 Safeties

Troy Polamalu-68 Tackles---8 TFL---11 Sacks---4 Int---2 Fumble Recoveries---1 Safety

David Pollack-49 Tackles---8 TFL---27 Sacks---2 Int---4 Fumble Recoveries---1 Safety

Nick Harper-46 Tackles---3 TFL---0 Sacks---2 Int---1 Fumble Recovery

John Lynch-40 Tackles---3 TFL---0 Sacks---11 Int---1 Fumble Recovery

Lofa Tatupu-28 Tackles---5 TFL---6 Sacks---0 Int

Odell Thurman-24 Tackles---11 TFL---4 Sacks---3 Int

Kenechi Udeze-23 Tackles---5 TFL---6 Sacks---0 Int

Fred Smoot-18 Tackles---1 TFL---1 Sack---9 Int

Vince Wilfork-15 Tackles---4 TFL---3 Sacks---0 Int

Ted Washington-12 Tackles---2 TFL---6 Sacks---0 Int


QB---Adrian McPherson

HB---Larry Johnson

FB---Mike Alstott

WR---Randy Moss

WR---Chad Johnson

WR---Santana Moss

LT---Khalif Barnes

LG---Steve Hutchinson

C-----Kevin Mawae

RG---Alan Faneca

RT---Shane Olivea

OLB--Shawne Merriman

OLB--David Pollack

CB----Fred Smoot

CB----Nick Harper

FS----John Lynch

SS----Troy Polamalu


Record: 16 Wins 0 Losses

Biggest Win: 127-0

Record Holder in:

---Single Game Rushing

---Single Game Passing

---Single Game Receiving

---Single Game Touchdown Passes, Receptions, and Rushing

League Most Valuable Player (MVP) ---Adrian McPherson (rookie)

Best Offensive Player----------------------Randy Moss

Best Defensive Player----------------------Shawne Merriman (rookie)

Offensive Rookie of the Year-------------Adrian McPherson

Defensive Rookie of the Year-------------Shawne Merriman

Rushing Champ-----------------------------Larry Johnson

Best Offensive Lineman-------------------Kevin Mawae

Best Linebacker----------------------------Shawne Merriman

Best Defensive Back-----------------------Troy Polamalu

Best Kicker----------------------------------Adam Vinatieri

Coach of the Year--------------------------Romeo Crennel

Needless to say, if the Madden Franchise of Video Games are SO realistic…Then why is it so easy to rewrite the record books? How is it so easy to beat every team on the schedule by more than 60 points a game? The answer is simple and found in the principles. Value at every pick, player eligibility, balance, in no particular order. Do the homework, be ready for at least 5 picks in advance, know your draft board. All of these things are found and discussed on/at on a weekly basis. As we often say, “there is not a game that we cannot make into a fantasy game”. This is true even for Madden (granted, one must attain rudimentary madden playing ability)

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