Thursday, December 13, 2007

Goodness gracious! It's Roid-ger Clemens!

By Rick Morris

EDIT: Updated to provide a link listing the players involved in the report without combing through the entirety of the Mitchell Report.

The Mitchell Report has been released (you can read it here) and one note of the conventional wisdom appears true: everyone was at fault in the steroid era.

^ The players engaged in a macabre arms race which will see many of them end up deceased at an early age from their self-destructive, short-term conniving.

^ The owners and the commissioner counted the dollar receipts from the home run happiness and turned a blind eye to the issue.

^ The union has a lot of blood on its hands since it was their fanatical enabling that allowed the players to poison themselves. The association had the most power in the situation, but the owners put more importance on almost every other issue that was being collectively bargained.

We have also seen what I have always suspected about those frauds known as Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds: there is no true fountain of youth. In the entire history of baseball, players have not shown the dramatic improvement that these two "icons" posted in their late thirties and early forties. Although he was not a good general manager, maybe now history will be a bit kinder to Dan Duquette for letting Clemens walk out of Beantown. Duquette suspected that Clemens was washed up. It turns out that his best days weren't behind him -- but his best honest days were behind him.

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