Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Great Value, or the Greatest Value?

By Samantha Jones

There you are. In the grocery store, staring and the eight MILLION different brands of macaroni and cheese. Which to choose? Out of name recognition, you automatically reach for the Kraft brand. But you have a cart full of groceries, and you need to save a little money so you can order that personalized Canadian Olympic curling jersey you’ve been eyeing up on the internet. Another brand catches your eye that is half the cost of the name brand. So, you toss it into you cart, thinking, “Oh well…I can suffer through some bad mac and cheese.”

But, when you get home and make said mac and cheese, you find that not only was it half the price of the name brand, but tasted just as good! How could this be possible?

I’ll tell you how. It’s the generic brand called GREAT VALUE.

There is a general, unwritten rule that says, “The cheaper the ice cream, the better it is.” Believe me, we’ve tested this theory and proven it time and again. So, my husband and I decided to apply this theory to other types of food.

We tried just a few items at first…Ice cream, mac and cheese, cereal. All just as good, if not – dare I say – BETTER than the name brand products. So, we took the testing to the next level.

As you all well know, Christmas is quickly approaching. This is my first Christmas away from home, so I thought I’d have a go at making my own Christmas cookies. One problem. No mixer. So, I just went to get those break apart and bake cookies. As I was reaching for the Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies, another package caught my eye. Yes, you guessed it…GREAT VALUE break apart and bake cookies. According to the theory, they should be awesome, so I picked up a package. Then it struck me. If GREAT VALUE has break apart and bake cookies, I bet you can get just about anything made by GREAT VALUE.

A half hour later, I had done all my grocery shopping with GREAT VALUE products. Even rice crispies and marshmallows for rice crispy treats and light corn syrup for candy making (like I said, Christmas is coming up…).

And so, dear reader, I challenge you to see how many different things you can get, made by GREAT VALUE. I can pretty much guarantee you can do all of your grocery shopping just by this brand. And, you’ll save a pantload of money. GREAT VALUE? I think so.

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