Thursday, December 13, 2007

The greatest page on the Internet

By Rick Morris

We've written about this part of the FDH media family before and we're providing a big update right now. The Depth Charts and Ultimate Links page on added 93 links this week and is now up to 452 in all. It is the greatest page anywhere on the Internet, and that statement is not an empty one on my part -- it is my home page on my browser.

The following categories had been present on the page previously and still are:

^ MLB Depth Charts
^ NFL Depth Charts
^ NBA Depth Charts
^ Baseball Media
^ Baseball Blogs
^ Football Media
^ Football Blogs
^ Hoops Media
^ Hoops Blogs
^ Hockey Media
^ Hockey Blogs
^ Racing Media
^ Niche Sports Media
^ Major Leagues
^ Other Leagues
^ Hall of Fame
^ Major Sports Media
^ New Sports Media
^ Blog/Search/Video Tools
^ Multimedia
^ Message Boards
^ Webcasting
^ Links
^ THE FDH LOUNGE (all of the best miscellaneous links from the sports world and beyond)

We have added 25 new links in one new category alone:

^ CBS Sports Home Pages & Scores By Sport -- This section takes you directly to any major link you choose on the new CBS Sports website, whether it be the baseball home page, the football scores page or anything else. This adds yet another dimension to the multiplicity of options we provide to sports fans and even those interested in matters outside of sport.

We are always combing the Internet for more material that we can link to for your convenience. Stay tuned, because we are likely to reach 500 links on this page sometime in 2008.

In addition to what is on the page, here is one more link from the I am Bored website (which is one of our 452 links, incidentally) demonstrating some of football's hardest hits.

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