Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jerry Palm and Joe Lunardi are Idiots!

By Nate Noy

Jerry Palm of CBS and Joe Lunardi of ESPN are complete morons; actually, earlier today I said Jerry Palm is a prick and Joe Lunardi is a schmuck. If you listen to Palm, it is as if HE is the one telling the NCAA Selection Committee what they should do and they are absolutely GOING to listen to his advice verbatim. Lunardi on the other hand is more of a TOOL, a guy that is good-hearted, but completely incompetent to get the paycheck he does from The Network.

Earlier today I posted a proposed contest between the FDH projected bracket and those of Palm and Lunardi. The scoring system is quite simple, with the goal being least number of misses.

Here is how it works:
Get a seed correct: 0 points because you are supposed to be correct.
Miss a team completely: -5 points
Miss a team’s seed: -1 point for every seed you are off by

I probably should have added a bonus for predicting exact matchups or correct cities, but since I did not, we won’t add any points for that. For the record the score on exact matchup predictions was:

Lunardi 4
Palm 1

Lets start with EXACTLY corrected seeds:

FDH 35
Lunardi 32
Palm 27
Advantage FDH

Next we move to the missed-by-1 line:

FDH 19 (-19 for our contest)
Lunardi 23 (-23)
Palm 24 (-24)
Advantage FDH again

Missed by two seeds:

FDH 8 (-16)
Lunardi 8 (-16)
Palm 11 (-22)
Advantage FDH and Lunardi

Missed by three or more seeds:
Lunardi 2 (-7) Missouri at the 8 they were 11 and Utah State at the 8 they were a 12
FDH 3 (-12) Like Lunardi, Missouri at the 8 instead of 11, Utah State at the 6 instead of 12 and Michigan at the 12 instead of 8.
Palm 4 (-13) Same as the others on Missouri 8 instead of 12, Illinois as a 12 not a 9, ODU as a 6 not a 9 and Butler as a 12 instead of an 8.
Advantage Lunardi

Teams missed:
Palm 2 (-10) Va Tech and St. Mary’s instead of UAB and USC
FDH 3 (-15) Harvard, Va Tech and St Mary’s instead of Marquette, VCU and USC
Lunardi 3 (-15) Colorado, Va Tech and St. Mary’s instead of UAB, VCU, and Georgia
Advantage Palm

The teams missed:
Palm missed a 12 and a 11, and had two 12s that did not get in.
FDH missed on an 11, a 12, and another 12, and had three 12s in that missed.
Lunardi missed on a 10, 11 and a 12, and had an 11 and two 12s that missed.

Final Score:
FDH -62
Palm -70
Lunardi -71

Look at it anyway you want, FDH kicked the crap out of Palm and Lunardi today. Scoreboard, fools!

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