Sunday, March 13, 2011

Selection Sunday Surround

By Rick Morris

The time is here: Selection Sunday, the most special day of the year for college hoops fans, has arrived!

We at FDH have been on top of this all week in the form of college hoops analyst Nate Noy’s exclusive analysis. Here’s a retracing of his Championship Week breakdowns:

^ Bracket projections as of Monday

^ The Anatomy of the Bracket Part I

^ The Anatomy of the Bracket Part II

^ The Anatomy of the Bracket Part III

^ Projected Bracket as of Saturday

^ Selection Sunday Bracketology

^ Final Bracket Projection

^ Bracketology Contest

^ Final-Final Bracket Projection

And now, here’s our liveblog of tonight’s unveiling. Nate and I will deliver our real-time reactions and breakdowns amidst a sea of analysis from top college hoops writers and broadcasters worldwide. Enjoy!

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