Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Media's first big industry gathering

By Rick Morris

As I have stated numerous times on The FDH Lounge program, I am a huge fan of, and believer in, new media. It's where our organization has most of its focus at the moment (with the exception of our forthcoming fantasy sports instructional DVD -- Paul Belfi is right, I never miss a chance to shill!).

Being a growing, but still relatively small fish, we are always looking around to see what others in all forms of new media (whether that be blogs, podcasting, Internet TV shows like the Lounge, etc.) are doing. As such, I'm very excited to call to your attention the Blog World Expo in Las Vegas November 7-9: the first new media conference ever to be attempted on such a massive scale.

One of the Dignitaries of The FDH Lounge, Raymond Smalley, will be attending the conference, and thanks to his efforts, we're going to have Expo head honcho Rick Calvert on the Lounge show to explain what it is all about -- probably more than once. We'll be exploring the Expo here on the blog also in the months to come as this event promises to harness the divergent possibilities of this new reality in the media universe like nothing that has come before.

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