Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vick's going to snitch: I LOVE IT!

By Rick Morris

It's always insanely delicious when a blatantly guilty person is defended by hateful people purely because of the color of his skin -- and when that individual then inevitably lets his defenders down (i.e. O.J.'s acquittal being celebrated in many quarters after he played the race card at trial, only to see him turn around and resume his self-centered golfing/life of leisure lifestyle as though he had never even pretended to care about black people in the first place). The latest celebrity to hand his supporters a revolting karma sandwich is Michael Vick, who will be singing like a canary to the Feds.

First, Vick was proclaimed "innocent until proven guilty" by these bigots (listen to the Al Sharpton radio program for one day and hear the mindset being described here). Then, inevitably, when he cut his plea bargain, the "what did he really do wrong?" card was thrown down by people who would justify any crime because of the pigmentation of Vick's flesh. Now, to further save his pathetic skin, Vick is cooperating fully with federal prosecutors to go after dogfighting rings nationwide. While I personally am happy that Vick is at long last performing a public service, even though it is under supreme duress, I'm more thrilled that he's letting down the despicable supporters that he has gained. The people who have defended him throughout are the same ones to decry any form of "snitching" -- no matter that so-called "snitching" cleans up poor areas and allows the vast, vast majority of the non-criminals living there to live safer lives with predatory vermin sent to prison. So to all of the racists who think Vick should get a free pass to slaughter animals because of the color of his skin and who are now feeling betrayed by his decision to "snitch," allow me to give you a large Nelson Muntz "HA HA!"

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