Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summerslam liveblogging tonight

By Rick Morris

As mentioned previously on the Lounge blog, we are not producing our 15th live program tonight -- rather, that will be held September 9 at the usual time with this week's show being made up on September 16 before resuming the live every-other-week format. However, in the interest of throwing a bone to regular listeners of the show on Sunday nights and an extra bone to the substantial percentage of wrestling fans in our audience, we will be liveblogging Summerslam here on the Lounge blog tonight. President and FDH Lounge Dignitary Paul Belfi is ordering the pay-per-view at his humble abode and has recently added wireless service there, so we'll be suffering through what looks to be a horrible show to bring our takes to you live. As our Senior Editor Jason Jones, currently vacationing out of town, texted me yesterday when apprised of our plans: "Better you than me!"

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