Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summerslam liveblogging second installment

By Rick Morris

Beth Phoenix won the Divas Battle Royal. "Glamazon" is a cool nickname, so I approve.

Next, MVP came out for the segment that would substitute for a U.S. Title match because of his heart condition. When he challenged Matt Hardy to a beer drinking contest, I called Steve Austin's appearance 10 minutes before it happened. Inevitably, Hardy summoned Stone Cold to the ring to take his place and Austin gave the stunner to MVP to the delight of the crowd. How sad is it that someone who can't physically perform anymore is still more over than anyone on the roster? Austin was very, very funny in this segment, though.

John Morrison then successfully defended the ECW Title against C.M. Punk in an average match by way of the feet on the ropes during the pinfall. That old gag.

I must mention also that a backstage skit aired with William Regal imitating Cryme Tyme shucking, jiving and wearing a ballcap in a silly manner. Ron Simmons interrupted with the predictable "Damn!" That was actually a more entertaining moment than many of the matches thus far.

King Booker made his entrance in his usual over-the-top fashion, setting the stage for Triple H's mega-produced entrance. The crowd pop seemed to justify the immense video and audio efforts of the production staff. HHH seemed a bit slimmed down, but still pretty muscular -- certainly in better shape than tonight's other returning hero, Rey Rey. What this tells us about the state of WWE's drug testing is still fairly uncertain.

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