Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summerslam liveblogging first installment

By Rick Morris

Before we get to the actual action, I wish to pass on a link that has caused endless mirth for myself and The FDH Lounge Dignitaries watching Summerslam with me. Paul Belfi, Mike Ptak and myself have been entertained far more by the transcript of the Charles-Camilla tapes than any of the action thus far.

Before the PPV started, the Redneck Wrecking Crew successfully defended the World Tag Team Titles against London/Kendrick.

In the show opener, Kane defeated Finlay even after most of the match centered around Kane's bandaged ribs. Speaking for smart marks everywhere, count me as bitter that the WWE won't even give Finlay a win when a perfect storyline excuse is built in for his opponent.

Next, Umaga provided a small surprise by pinning Mr. Kennedy in a triple threat title defense that also included Carlito.

For anyone wondering about the state of the returning Rey Misterio's physique after the steroid scandal erupted -- let's just call it very bizarre. He came out with a bulked-up upper body, but much of it in the form of stomach fat! And he was covered in a very strange bronze-like body paint that wore off in streaks during the match. Predictably, Chavo Guerrero carried much of the offense, but Rey Rey got the duke as everyone knew he would.

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