Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yeah boyeeeeeeee! Free Flav video game

By Rick Morris

Regular listeners to The FDH Lounge are aware of my longtime fascination with Flava Flav, dating back well beyond his reality show resurgence of recent years. Frankly, if this guy doesn't put a smile on your face with his many antics, I question whether you have a pulse at all.

As such, I was delighted to come across a video game which is free to play online and I feel that it is my duty to share it with the Lounge following. It's available here, on the outstanding Addicting Games website, which provides an endless library of fun free games. For that matter, since we at the Fantasy Drafthelp brand have never shied away from self-referential plugs, that gaming site and 329 other websites both in and out of the sports world are linked to on this page, the Internet's ultimate links portal. It's my personal home page and it's truly the one indispensable page on the entire Internet.

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