Friday, May 29, 2009

Al Jaffee's Fold-Ins: online starting with this batch!

By Rick Morris

On our 59th episode of THE FDH LOUNGE on this past Wednesday night, we were honored to speak to one of America's premier cartoonists, Al Jaffee from Mad Magazine. We spoke about the challenges that his employer, like so many similar publications, are facing during this historic period of transition to all-things-digital.

I mentioned that I thought that his trademark feature, the Fold-In, would translate well to the Web, with a viewer looking at a picture and then clicking a button for the "digital fold." He agreed and mentioned that he was going to be in discussions with Mad about moving some of his work to their website. That was a great moment for us, as he broke some news on our show.

Additionally, he mentioned that the New York Times had already dabbled with this in the form of a feature that they ran on him on their website last year. He didn't have a specific URL at his disposal during the interview, but he expressed confidence that we could find those samples through a simple web search.

And we did.

This profile story on Al, which is well worth your time, contains with it digital samples of his work. Here is the direct link.

I believe that these samples justify the belief that the Fold-Ins are very well-suited for the Internet age and I hope that Mad can make arrangements to get them online in the very near future. Their website will benefit greatly and Al Jaffee's timeless work will be exposed anew to younger generations who haven't seen many of his classics.

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