Thursday, May 7, 2009

Outside the Boxscore hits the big time!

By Rick Morris

Congratulations to our good friend Ben Chew of Outside the Boxscore, one of the greatest sports blogs on the Internet. Ben contributes to The FDH Lounge and I contribute to his blog as this relationship is one of our valued "content exchange/syndication" arrangements that we have with other like-minded entities.

OTB was featured on SportsCenter's new "Blog Buzz" segment that features pithy commentary from various New Media outlets. The video is embedded at the OTB site here. Additionally, in that same "victory lap" post on the site, Ben was kind enough to mention us as a factor in helping OTB to grow as it has.

I speak for everyone at FDH Enterprises, LLC when I say that we appreciate Ben's shout-out and that we are very proud of him and to be associated with the site. It has a lot of creativity and is always a fun read and in the world of online media that's a tremendous combination. From an earlier narrower focus on web video, the (still relatively young) blog has expanded greatly in terms of overall content and in terms of personnel. As a fellow mega-fan of "The Office," I'm sure Ben will appreciate the reference: he may consider this mention our version of the "gold medal yogurt lid and accompanying 'Don't forget us when you're famous' note."

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