Friday, May 15, 2009

RIP Wayman Tisdale

By Rick Morris

People who can reinvent themselves to rule two completely different fields are rare breeds indeed. That description fit Wayman Tisdale to a T as he established himself as one of the dominant college hoops players of the '80s before settling into a decent pro career and then becoming a top-selling jazz bassist.

Unfortunately, he left us today at age 44 after a battle with cancer that had been waged over the past two years.

Wayman Tisdale put Oklahoma hoops on the map for good during his days with the Sooners and greatly inspired Blake Griffin, who will carry the school's legacy into the pros as the top pick in this year's draft. He won fans and made friends everywhere he went with his kind demeanor and love of life and he carried that spirit into a very successful jazz career that saw him produce material that topped the charts.

Surely a sunny man like Wayman would want to be remembered for the smiles he put on people's faces, so shake your booty a little bit to this sweet groove in his honor. RIP, Gentle Giant.

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