Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FDH Lounge Show #58: May 20, 2009

By Rick Morris

Let's not mince any words. This is a huge show.

Episode #58 of THE FDH LOUNGE on SportsTalkNetwork.com (7-10 PM EDT) is certainly the biggest one yet in terms of the wattage of star power among our guests. How so? Well, take for instance the fact that we're leading off the show with BOB BARKER!!!

That's right, Bob will "come on down" to The FDH Lounge in our opening segment as we discuss his new book PRICELESS MEMORIES. You won't be surprised to learn from his memoirs that he gets asked every day about his fight scene with Adam Sandler! That will be an early topic of discussion.

In case you missed it, Bob made a recent return to the show he made famous, THE PRICE IS RIGHT, to promote his book.

After we talk to Bob, we'll then go to The Opening Statements of The FDH Lounge and then our look at This Week in The FDH Lounge. From there, we examine the NBA Eastern Conference finals to round out Hour One.

At the top of Hour Two, we come back supremely strong with the man who managed the Four Horsemen, JJ Dillon. He too has a great autobiography, WRESTLERS ARE LIKE SEAGULLS - FROM MCMAHON TO MCMAHON. The segment will be great because he is such a well-spoken individual. When we wrap with JJ, we then move back to the NBA with a peek at the Western Conference finals and then our first look at the 2009 NBA Draft.

By the way, here's a classic promo from JJ in 1988.

In Hour Three, we are joined for THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER by FoxSports.com fantasy sports columnist Mike Harmon and we will break down the world of roto baseball. Then, Comcast sportscaster Joe Staszak will be on THE GOON SQUAD to talk Stanley Cup Playoffs with us.

It’s going to be a great program and we hope you can be a part of our audience. As always, we urge you to watch the show live (or listen if you’re on dial-up), but if you can’t catch this as it’s happening, you can always catch the FDH archives 24-7 right here or catch us now on iTunes!

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