Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Public sector unions enslaving the USA

By Rick Morris

Labor issues have been front-and-center this year with the election of a president very much beholden to the Big Labor bosses. But while the attempts to remove the secret ballot for union formation and President Obama's unilateral decision to screw over bondholders to award key control of Chrysler to the UAW have received the lion's share of attention, a far more insidious development lies just under the surface.

The Wall Street Journal recently examined in great detail the consequences of power wielded by the nation's public sector unions, which have fought to squeeze the taxpayers mercilessly even during this fierce recession. The fact that government entities at all levels don't have any money doesn't affect their resolve at all. They've got theirs and they're going to make sure that we keep paying ours to them. The Service Employees International Union has already exercised direct veto power over Obama Administration policy when it came to stopping the public sector unions from directly abusing taxpayers!

This blog entry from Heritage goes into great detail about how and why public sector unions can choke the public coffers for every last penny: because they own powerful Democrat politicians from Obama on down. Ponder this insane fact -- in this horrible economy with the private sector shedding jobs like there's no tomorrow, the public sector is still adding jobs. Great, we'll just borrow more caysh from China and stick our grandchildren with the tab so some paper-pusher bureaucrat can keep paying on his summer home!

Do you think that last statement was overkill? Then check out how the public employees in California -- arguably the worst-governed state in the nation for decades as a result of the sway of the public unions -- live like potentates on their fattened pensions and benefits while the Governator has to hold out a tin can for Uncle Sam to bail out the state government.

This is the kind of "hope" and "change" that so many voted for last November. I knew better at the time. As for me, I "hope" I have at least some "change" left to my name by the time we get a chance to repeal the


in 2012.

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