Saturday, May 2, 2009

Video Clips: Fun Timewasters

By Rick Morris

From time to time, we try to accommodate our Lounge content consumers who just want some fun, light entertainment. Hence this edition of our Video Clips series, entitled "Fun Timewasters." These are simply some video clips that you can enjoy and consume in the form of good, mindless entertainment. On with the show!

Could there possibly be a better "hidden gem" on the entire Internet? Here's the Hogan's Heroes cast in a great, super-campy commercial from back in the day.

Could there possibly be a better concept for a restaurant than the "Heart Attack Grill?"

The classics will never die. Bitter beer face!

The late Bea Arthur reads from Pam Anderson's book at the Plastic One's roast:

Here's the great Lebron Heineken commercial parody:

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