Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fantasy supergroup draft?????

By Rick Morris

The FDH Lounge began, of course, as a spinoff division of, which is a service that distinguishes itself by the methods it employs to help people win their leagues as well as the variety of different sports that are covered. The Lounge, an all-topics website and webcast, frequently delves into the realm of fantasy competition, although rarely for sports purposes -- with two examples being our lightheared drafts of attractive female celebrities and our 2008 presidential race fantasy draft.

So it's only fitting that we celebrate the move of THE FDH LOUNGE program on to Wednesday nights in similar fashion. THE LOUNGE goes to Wednesdays from 7-10 PM EST on December 10, with existing FDH Wednesday shows joining as "show within a show" segments during the last hour (THE FANTASYDRAFTHELP.COM INSIDER will be from 9-9:30 PM EST and THE GOON SQUAD brings you the best hockey coverage anywhere from 9:30-10 PM EST). To mark the occasion, which is also the 40th episode of the program, we are holding our first "fantasy supergroup" draft (big ups to our man STN executive producer Anthony Petrone for thinking of the idea).

What is that exactly? It's a standard serpentine fantasy draft that will see your favorite FDH and STN personalities each trying to assemble their ultimate "supergroup" of rock musicians! We'll each be picking one front man, one guitar, one bass, one drummer and two extra "wild card" musicians (this can be anything: an extra singer, a guitarist, a horn player, tamborine, cowbell, you name it) to put our groups together. Picks will be graded by a special celebrity judge who will crown our champion at the end of the night.

As much as we love standard fantasy sports at FDH, we've long been a proponent of spreading the competitive concept among friends to non-traditional areas like drag racing and the Triple Crown. Over the last two years with The Lounge, we've broadened the concept beyond sports altogether. Now, next week, December 10, when The FDH Lounge moves to Wednesdays, we'll show you and your friends how to hold a fantasy supergroup draft, we'll have a great time doing it, and so will you if you join us either that night or via our archives. Don't miss it!

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