Friday, December 12, 2008

Great sports site is a new Friend of FDH

By Rick Morris

As everyone familiar with FDH is aware, we have an ongoing association with, and indeed, they are a charter member of our "Friends of FDH Club." Some of the STN guys have become writers here in The Lounge, one of them being my friend Ben Chew, an outstanding young host and producer for the network.

I'm pleased to welcome his new site "Outside the Box Score" as a member of our club. What that means is that you'll see content shared between that site and FDH -- I've joined Ben's staff as a writer -- and the potential is there for Ben to work out content-sharing agreements with other club members.

I'm proud of the cooperative banner that was established this past summer and as the person who has coordinated between the parties to put it together, I'm very pleased that we have this new website as a part of it. Ben and I will be brainstorming about how to put our collective energies to best use and I believe that content consumers of both entities will benefit from it.

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