Saturday, December 13, 2008

Heisman preview

By Rick Morris

I'll start by noting on a personal level that I don't want to see anybody equal Archie Griffin's two Heisman trophies. I would like to see him remain the only member of that club -- but I believe there will be another member joining tonight.

With all of the vote-splitting among the many worthy candidates from the Big 12, I believe that Tim Tebow will go back-to-back, albeit in one of the closest votes of all time. I hear a lot of people who think that Colt McCoy will win or at least finish ahead of Sam Bradford, but I think Bradford edges him out for second based on the same reason Oklahoma's going to the national championship game: the "what have you done for me lately?" factor.

I see a couple of non-invited Red Raiders in the #4 and #5 spots, but I think that Michael Crabtree surprises a lot of folks by finishing ahead of Graham Harrell.

Oh, and with Chris Fowler back in New York tonight, one is reminded of his profile in Manhattan Bride magazine.

"... we didn’t want carving stations," says Chris. "But a lot of people love them, so we had them set up for the cocktail hour ..."

What kind of a pompous doofus looks down on carving stations? God Forbid those heathens want to suck down a little roast beef or turkey while they're reading the self-congratulatory tripe on your party favors!

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