Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Long War Journal December roundup

By Rick Morris

In the lineage of The FDH Lounge, Bill Roggio is a pioneer twice over. He was one of our first guests on our FDH Lounge Internet TV show, appearing on our second episode back in January 2007 – and he recently became the first follower of our FDH Lounge Twitter feed!

It occurred to us then that we could kill two birds with one stone – promoting an excellent site and bringing great geopolitics coverage to our readers here – by adapting a feature that we have long used for content from Jane’s Information Group. Each month, we bring you a roundup of links to free excerpts of Jane’s stories because we don’t get the opportunity to cover much geopolitics firsthand here in The Lounge and we know that some of you appreciate being led to good content in that area. Well, the same principle applies to Bill’s Long War Journal, an incomparable hub of news and analysis about the War on Terror – we can do ourselves a favor by providing links to great content as well as sending traffic to a truly great and deserving website.

So now we bring you links to some of the top stories in The Long War Journal for the month of December:

US forces detain Iranian 'agent' near Baghdad

Questions remain on the development of the Iraqi Security Forces

Taliban destroy NATO trucks, supplies in Peshawar

Al Qaeda's anthrax scientist

Iraqi military plans major arms purchase

Pakistan's Jihad

Taliban are 'patriots,' says Pakistani Army official

Coalition forces target Iranian-backed Hezbollah Brigades in Baghdad

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